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Welcome to a highly regarded source for reviews and information on Ruby on Rails web hosting providers.  Ruby on Rails is a dynamic open source programming framework that powers interactive websites.  Though Ruby on Rails is similar to Perl and PHP – it has quickly gained a committed following by IT professionals due to its simple to implement object oriented style that works with powerful database tools like MySQL.  The best part about using Ruby over other programming languages is that developers can build websites with less lines of code saving them time and money.

If you’re looking for the best hosting companies that offer Ruby on Rails hosting we’ve done the legwork by identifying the top Ruby on Rails web hosting companies.  Each and every company reviewed here not only provides the capability to host Ruby on Rails websites, they excel at it.

The following are four Ruby on Rails web hosting brands worth you’re business:
1) Hostgator – Hostgator offers Ruby on Rails across all of their hosting options suitable for both small independent sites all the way to large corporate projects.
2) FatCow – FatCow comes with a huge variety of Ruby on Rails ‘gems’ modules that enable you to add extra levels of interactivity to your website project.
3) iPage – iPage uses state of the art sever architecture with dynamic performance load balancing to make sure your website has the maximum amount of resources available to it no matter how many concurrent users are logged on at once.
4) Bluehost – Bluehost never sleeps with a 99.9% server uptime guarantee so you know that your website will always be accessible no matter what.

The web hosting companies featured here at are evaluated according to a strict set of standards that we have identified as being of great importance when choosing a host for a project that requires Ruby on Rails.

1) The Ruby on Rails web hosting companies featured here all support the web application programming environment out of the box without any additional configuration needed on your part.
2) Using a MySQL database as a backend for your Ruby on Rails based site will allow you to collect and present huge amounts of information on your website.  All hosts here offer MySQL hosting in conjunction with Ruby on Rails hosting.
3) While Ruby on Rails requires less memory to run than other scripting languages – it is always better to have more than less. The hosts we review here always allocate more than the minimum recommended amount of RAM for Ruby on Rails processes to give your site an extra boost.

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